Mission CTRL

Posted on February 4, 2019 by 5lcht

Mission CTRL

Mission CTRL

A tool to help space tourists find resources, fun, and friends.

The Team: Katy Madier, Alexandra Carey, Jacob Berman

My Role: design, three js programming

This project is a concept platform to help space travellers find resources and connect with other travelers while adventuring through space.


In this project we started with identifying key tasks and designing master/detail pages for each important section of the app. We utilized a wireframe template for this app called moon, to set up our initial information layout.

missionctrl   wireframes
#walter mobile


My team and I built this tool with Ionic (Angular) and a firebase database. Since this app utilizes 3-dimensional space for navigation and planet discovery, I lead the development of the VR features with Three js.

View the project Github


This project was fun and challenging. The implementation of Three js within an ionic app was not entirely smooth, and I found that there were compromises we had to make to meet the course deadline. We also did not get to bring the app design as far as we had originally planned. This was a fun exercise in imagining future consumer navigation applications.

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